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Guaranteed Energy Savings – Fully Financed
Turnkey HVAC, Air Purification &
Renewable Energy Solutions

Reducing HVAC Costs by up to 73%

Powered By Real-Time Energy Management AI

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Re-Open Your Facility With Confidence
Delivering Clean Air Into Your Schools & Offices

Purifying Air Environments
Real-time Monitoring of All Spaces For Optimal Site Conditions

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Micro Wind Turbines For Rooftop or Ground Mount
Bring Wind Power To Your Facility

100kW of Power In Only 225 Square Feet
The Most Efficient Use of Your Space

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bringing Power Where You Need it
Anywhere There Is Wind

Municipalities, Farms, Rural Land
Optimize Existing Wind or Solar Farms

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Achieve Your Sustainability Objectives
Fully Integrated HVAC and Renewable Energy Solutions

Air Monitoring & Purification, Microgrids, Micro Wind Turbines, Solar, Battery Storage, HVAC Improvements
Powered by Real-Time Energy Management Software

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Measure Everything
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & Improving Your Environment

Real-Time Energy Management Software
Run As Standalone or in Parallel With Existing BMS / EMS

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Achieve Your Sustainability Objectives
Maximize Your Onsite Generation

Micro Wind Turbines + Battery Storage
New Technology Brings New Solutions

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Introducing HVAC technology – for superior indoor air quality, well-being and comfort, with up to 65% energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions

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Air purification + Guaranteed Energy Savings

A turnkey HVAC system transformation, with no capital upfront, fully paid for through realized savings. We bring healthy outdoor atmosphere into your space.

Onsite Renewable Energy Generation Solutions

Maximize your footprint with new technology. Image is a 100kW micro wind turbine, requiring only 225ft² and can be installed on the ground or on your roof. Solar requires over 20X the amount of space to generate the same power!

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Real-time Energy Management Software

Bring your entire facility to your fingertips. Control, measure and verify systems from one dashboard.