Energy Portal

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Metering & Verification​

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting ​
via any SMART device to international standards​.

Intelligence gathering​

Our Power Distribution Monitor measures true energy at mains, sub-meter or at circuit and asset level.​

The PDM securely streams consumption data to our cloud-based platform in real-time. Providing valuable and timely insight in to where and when your business is using energy.

Circuit Monitoring​

Our high specification PDM’s can measure true energy from tens of circuits to thousands of circuits within a building. ​
It’s the equivalent of having 36 electricity meters ​
streaming live, within the physical space of two.

Compact and Expandable​

Measure consumption at circuit and asset level​

Securely streams data in real-time 

100% Systems Compatible

Install as a standalone real-time management system, or fold into your existing Building or Energy Management Systems. You will find our design and intuitive information layout may be the solution that works best for your facility.