Net Zero Air solutions solve air issues through Dynamic Diffusion and HVAC Technology. We don’t just analyze your systems, we solve your problems and reduce your bills.

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Energy Savings

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Healthier Air

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Funded Installation
(No Client Capital Outlay)

Who Can Benefit From Net Zero HVAC + IAQ?

Anywhere Ventilation Is A Priority

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Commercial Office

Programs for Owners + Tenants: solving problems of triple-net leases and “who gets the savings”. Increase property value and tenant satisfaction, and not forgetting a healthier space.

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Industrial Facilities

Bring HVAC + IAQ into your facility: targeting lower emissions, wellness for employees, state-of-the-art equipment and real-time management software

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Schools & Municipalities

Delivering upon our greater responsibility: high air quality and a commitment to improving our resiliency and environment

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Malls & Arena’s

Large spaces often need intense calibration to assure proper ventilation and that HVAC energy costs are optimized. We solve for this and bring significant energy savings as well.

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Multifamily Apartments

Delivering comfort within IAQ, savings and sustainability. Solving indoor air and ventilation issues to create a more balanced home life.

Net Zero Air – simple and easy to enjoy

When our system has been installed into your building, simply set your desired zone temperature with the wall-mounted digital controller or mobile app.

The control system independently manages and monitors the airflow balance through each zone to create a uniform effect.

Our technology naturally mixes the air with momentum, but comfortably into all areas of a controlled zone.

The result is an entirely consistent and calm indoor atmosphere for you to enjoy, from floor to ceiling and every space in between.