The newest renewable technology: bringing you power wherever there is wind

The Advanced WindWall™: 100kW of power, capable of rooftop or ground mount installation – giving you the most efficient use of onsite renewable energy generation.

Requiring only 225 ft², this wind turbine unit stands up to 30 feet tall, well below typical zoning height restrictions, and starts generating power at only 1.5mph

Transforming Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Renewable Energy Generation

Our unit compared to traditional generation.

There is no comparison in efficient use of space. Bring onsite generation to your facility with ease.

A Square Footage Comparison

How much power can be produced per square foot of space? Our solutions produce 10x the power per ft² as conventional wind turbines and 100x the power per ft² as solar.

To generate 3MW’s of power, how big would the energy system need to be? Here is a scale representation using 67,500ft2 soccer fields.

Rooftops: the most efficient use of space

600kW Micro Wind Turbines @60% capacity generate 3.15MM kWh/year, utilizing ~1,350ft². To generate the same amount of solar energy, this host would need 1.8mW of solar panels and 315,000ft² of space: an impossibility.

This rooftop could potentially host more than 20 wind turbines, generating approximately 10.5MM kWh/annually.