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The advent of the jet turbine changed flight forever. The shift to a friction-less environment as well as blade and flow design maximized the efficiency of the turbine by over three times.

American Wind, Inc applied these same principles to their wind turbine, resulting in “The first truly new generator design in 100 years” – U.S. Patent Office

Our designs increase normal wind speeds by over 3X, creating greater forces to generate electricity! Utilizing front side ducting, jet turbine airfoil blades and a near friction-less rotor design, airflow actually accelerates through our turbines. This, along with a 95% efficient generator, allows for the greatest amount of energy production from lower wind speeds.

100 kW Advanced WindWall

Our 100kW Advanced WindWall is ideal for rooftop and ground mount application. With no vibration, dangerous spinning blades or loud noises, our products bring wind power to the places we actually use it.

Our products finally bring wind power to microgrids in a way like never before. Combining wind and solar with battery storage is the essential solution to creating a true microgrid. But the sheer size and dangers of traditional wind turbines mean that they can only be located out in the distance, or at sea.

American Wind products change all of that.

1 kW Micro Cube

Modular: 9 square inches, near-frictionless 1kW wind turbine
95% Efficiency: Verified by 3rd party JA King
11 balanced jet engine blades, ducted effect and encased
Air flow increases as it passes through, creating thrust
3-6 year payback depending on application and wind resources

Watts per square foot
size comparison

How much power can be produced per square foot of space? American Winds products/solutions produce 10x the power per ft2 as conventional
wind turbines and 100x the power per square foot as solar.

*To generate 3MW’s of power, how big would the energy system need to
be? Here is a scale representation using 67,500ft2 soccer fields.

108 kW rooftop array
100 kW Advanced Windwall – 30 feet

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