Particle Dispersion and Purification

Particle Dispersion combined with ​Superior Military Grade Filtration

A unique multi-stage filter system designed by ex-military specialists ​combining layers of high capability, military-grade media, exceptional ​filtration density, air stream integrity and long life micro biostatic coatings ​to deliver extraordinary filtration performance. ​

Filter options are bespoke and designed to meet specific HVAC requirements ​for the removal of Smoke, Particulate, TVOC’s, Virus’s and gases​ Ionisation and UV are also employed where required​ Filters utilise our proprietary design, layered and pleated to ensure the rapid ​capture of the particles (within milliseconds), within antimicrobial layers ​immobilising the now contained virus in the minutes that follow.​

(There is no residual health risk to those subsequently changing the spent filters)​

*Bespoke design for size, flow rates, pressure drops etc with 3 to 6 month replacement cycles.​